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Frame Removal launched at CES 2022 to help glasses wearers in their buying experience

Frame Removal: The Diminished Reality Solution for Glasses at CES...

CES® 2022, the largest tech show in the world, concluded January 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 2,300 exhibiting companies from...

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Diminished Reality to virtually try-on glasses without any vision problems

Revolutionary 3D Solutions for Glasses Dedicated to Eyewear Industry

Inventor of the first virtual try-on for glasses, Fittingbox, launched “Frame Removal” its latest solution in Diminished Reality at CES...

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Frame removal for glasses wearers

Fittingbox Reveals Frame Removal - A Diminished Reality Solution

The World’s Leading Virtual Try-On in Eyewear, Fittingbox Introduces Diminished Reality Technology That Is Both Immersive...

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Fittingbox the virtual try on software get a new brand identity

Fittingbox - A New Brand Identity For A New Era of Virtual Try On

Fittingbox reinvents itself to meet a new challenge: take on the role as the catalyst for the digital transformation of the Eyewear...

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